For more than twenty five years, with your help the efforts of Women to the World has accomplished the following:
  • Since 2002, Women to the World has maintained a presence in rural areas of Afghanistan to provide emergency relief and secure distribution for the survival packets of food, wood for heat, and plastic covering sealing off open buildings from the harsh Afghan winters. In doing so, Women to the World has saved literally thousands of lives of the displaced citizens of Afghanistan, who are the victims of war (returnees), after fleeing to Pakistan. This effort is far from being over, and amounts to a humanitarian crisis of global importance.

  • Established the Kabul Language and Technical Center. Women to the World is the sole source of funding for this project, with more than 400 women enrolled for 2008. Our center received the TOEFL accreditation award in July 2007. TOEFL certifies that women who have been trained in our center can attend college courses in English in any university setting.

  • Created Micro-Enterprise training program in Africa

  • Partnering for technical training with indigenous leaders in Burkina Faso, Africa

  • Sex-Trafficking intervention training and assistance, Burkina Faso, Africa

  • Highly successful training programs for women in leadership throughout Turkiye

  • Created PALS (Partnering Ambassadors for Life and Service), a program for working locally with economically distressed women and their families to help them reclaim their productive roles in society.

  • Women to the World was instrumental in establishing an extensive network for HIV/AIDS prevention training for teenagers and their families now operating throughout Kenya, essentially laying the groundwork that makes it possible for the U.S. to begin the fight in Keyna against the largest outbreak of HIV/AIDS in all of Africa.

Although we are mostly autonomous today, past efforts of Women to the World partnerships with national women's groups have resulted in projects such as the following:
  • Bakery started by Quechua Indian women's group in Peru.
  • Wood-carving business for Kikuyu women who house street children in Kenya.
  • Women's resource center in Ukraine
  • Afghan widows project in Afghanistan
Women to the World efficiently helps needy women and children living in some of the most difficult areas of the world. For example, following Tajikistan's civil war, Women to the World was one of the first outside organizations to provide tangible assistance. While others were still assessing the problem, Women to the World had already delivered two container loads of used clothing and medical supplies worth more than $50,000 to suffering war widows and orphans.
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