Women to the World Burkina Faso

Dateline December 1, 2011: WTW Team Visits Burkina Faso

(Team Members: Doris Aldrich, Stan Aldrich, Emily Blalock, Brent Blalock, Rachel Bonds, Agatha Coggins, Gip Marchette, Cathy Marchette, Natasha Patel, David Russell and Savadago Sidi)

   The Women to the World team, 10 strong, traveled to Burkina Faso over the 2011 Thanksgiving Holiday. This time is the end of their "rainy season", which has not been very rainy.

   They are suffering even more for this severe drought than normal, when they usually have 3 months of rain and 9 months of drought. The crops are suffering, the animals are suffering, so the village people are suffering. Burkina Faso is usually dry and dusty this time of year, anyway, but it seems has not been very rainy.

   Nevertheless, the people seem pleased we are here and have welcomed us with open arms and open hearts...

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December 1, 2009: WTW Team Reports Strong Progress

(Team Members: Gip Marchette, Stan Aldrich, Felicia Smith, Doris Aldrich, Godefred Wononuah, and Savadago Sidi)
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Dateline: December 1st, 2008

Women to the World's President, Doris Aldrich, recently returned from a month-long visit to Burkina Faso. Here,  Women to the World's Curriculum Learning Program was introduced, and formed a new alliance with a very special school, the Lycee Academy, providing educational services to women living in the most unreached and primitive areas on earth. Once these women are empowered by even the most rudimentary communication, math, and social skills, they are able to exponentially improve their  lives.

It is miraculous that such opportunities are before us in 2009. Our supporters are now able to provide vital partnerships improving the quality of life that exists in this part of the world. There is perhaps no greater calling in life than to be able to provide the skills and education to help these women and their children learn, work, prosper and thrive.


The URGENT NEED: Health Care

With the help of a new partner in the African nation of Burkina Faso, Women to the World is able to assist in education and counseling of women, many of whom have fallen prey to the sex trafficking abuses. A team of physicians will be traveling with our educational team this year. Please contact us if you are willing to travel, train, and work with widows, orphans, and young women.

For more information, please CONTACT US.

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