Announcing: WTW Press Release from Kabul

Kabul, Afghanistan
Doris Aldrich and Hilda Fletcher traveled to Kabul, Afghanistan during the Islam Festival of Ramadan to oversee the Women's Programs. The following press release was written just as Ramadan was about to come to a close.

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Women to the World expands role in Afghanistan

Kabul, Afghanistan
A Women to the World team led by our President just returned from Afghanistan, where their accomplishments included opening a new hospital, securing help from the military to clandestinely distribute essential supplies and food to starving families and orphans, arranged for multiple greenhouses to be constructed, scouted locations for drilling wells for drinking water, and provided 12 days of intense teacher training at the Women to the World Center.

Alarming Statistics Show Afghan Women Still Plagued by Gender Bias and Abuse

  • Married Afghan females aged 16-35 have the highest suicide rate in the world.
  • Average life expectancy is 42 years old.
  • Chronic malnutrition affects 40-60% of all children.
  • Diarrhea, acute respiratory infections and vaccine preventable illness account for 60% of deaths among children.
  • Highest mother/child mortality rates in the world.
  • One of every four children dies before their 5th birthday.
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