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PALS - Partnering Ambassadors for Life and Service

Women to the World volunteers formed a committee of PALS, Partnering Ambassadors for Life and Service in 2007, to begin the planning and realization of a new approach designed to help young women and men facing what they often perceive as roadblocks to their future prosperity.

These roadblocks come in many forms, from lack of a high school diploma, spousal abandonment, possibly drug addiction, any number of social or circumstantial maladies that can effectively stop the personal development of the individual, often leading to a sense of hopelessness that is difficult or impossible for one to deal with or afford on his or her own.

Women to the World is uniquely qualified to lead the charge against these issues domestically, since the root causes and solutions are not all that different than the plight of those for whom Women to the World has been helping so effectively in their many relief and rescue programs around the world, and the basic focus of the programs designed to deal with these issues is laid upon the same solid foundation.

Like to help? Here's how...

There is no charge to the students enrolled in the PALS program, eliminating one of the biggest roadblocks facing these young men and women who so desperately need hope and need someone to care.  We rely on your generous loving support to sponsor our students. The cost per student is $50.00, which covers the materials needed for their instruction.  If you would like to contribute, please CLICK HERE.

Be a Teacher/Mentor

Volunteering your time and expertise can be one of the most rewarding ways to help others in need. Please consider becoming a PALS program Class Leader or Mentor.
Our volunteer contact form is HERE.

Mentors to GED preparation students are needed to help tutor students in language arts and mathematics. Computer skills program needs mentors to help the students learn and practice basic computer skills using such programs as MS Word and Excel, as well as basic email and internet programs.

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