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 Women to the World in Afghanistan

"Educate a Woman, Save a Nation!" - Doris Aldrich

Agriculture training is the Key Element for Survival: Women to the World is training widows and handicapped women thoughout remote areas of Afghanistan to provide micro-gardens and greenhouse provisions for their families. This program will succeed through a strong partnership operating throughout Afghanistan.

The Kabul, Afghanistan Women to the World Language and Technical Center has embarked upon a unique remote training program, with enrollments reaching more than 400 women. This private compound is secure and safe, providing a tailored curriculum aimed at enabling all all students to become highly qualified to meet employment requirements, teaching all classes in English, using Microsoft Office disciplines. Advanced English and Accounting Systems are also a part of this technical training program for women. Each woman needs a sponsor, and scholarships you are able to provide continue to be the key element that makes everything possible.


Women to the World Founding Director Doris Aldrich has recently made multiple trips to Afghanistan to provide the hands-on support and personal guidance necessary to keep our schools and humanitarian programs operational and thriving. The American Embassy in Afghanistan partners with us to provide military escort and security for Doris as she travels to remote Women to the World facilities within war torn Afghanistan.  Web links to these press articles are provided below for your convenience. We believe you will find them to be of great interest.

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