Women to the World
Founder and President, Doris Aldrich
Empowering women and children to overcome
poverty, dependency and abuse since 1985


About Women to the World

Women to the World, Inc. is an international nonprofit Christian service organization committed to improving the lives of poor women and children in developing countries.

The Method

Women to the World partners with national women's groups in developing and emerging countries to identify and address their most critical needs. Experienced teams of specialists provide practical, short-term training to address these needs and implement programs to ensure that projects are sustained. Training programs include:

  • Project design
  • Management training
  • Basic family health
  • Women's Centers
  • Trauma Response Programs
  • Long-Term Mentoring
  • Sex trafficking Intervention
  • Adult Education, EFL, ACE, Computer literacy

Either alternatively or as follow-up to our training programs, our support may include:

  • Problem-solving assistance
  • Small grants
  • Short-term humanitarian aid
  • Help in identifying funding sources
  • Ongoing support for key in-country leaders

In short, Women to the World provides timely, cost-effective, culturally appropriate responses to critical needs as defined in partnership with the women we serve.

The Workers

All Volunteer

Women to the World is operated by an all-volunteer Board, some of whom serve as consultants on training missions. Additional specialists are recruited to supply expertise in the specifically identified areas of need; for example, dentists, physical therapists, computer specialists.

Other Volunteers

Needs are varied and include:

  • Office helpers
  • Box packers
  • Collectors and contributers to special needs (socks, shoes, health kits, books, toys, sports equipment)
  • PRAY-ers

Why It Works

Our training programs and project support help women transcend tremendous physical and economic barriers. This is because national women best know and understand the special needs and resources of their people, and because our approach keeps them fully involved in finding solutions to their problems. Women to the World helps poor women move into self-sufficiency by standing alongside and encouraging them. We build international friendships in the name of Christ by teaching women how to help themselves.

Women to the World, Inc.

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