Women to the World
Founder and President, Doris Aldrich
Empowering women and children to overcome
poverty, dependency, and abuse since 1985

Here's an opportunity to give the gift of chicks, a goat, a bull, or a heifer cow to save lives in Africa. A fancy gift box containing an ornament representing your gift will be mailed to you or to the family member or friend for whom you wish to give the gift. Click HERE.

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Women to the World is offering African hand-made jewelry items for sale to fund our humanitarian projects abroad.
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Your gift will work MIRACLES with Women to the World.

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Doris Aldrich with Orphans in Kenya Boys at Well

Computer Lab - Afghanistan


Women to the World gratefully acknowledges these memorial gifts:
Dr. Evan and Fran Brown in memory of
Lee Vermette
Ronnie and Louise Condron in memory of
Dr. Evan Brown
Ms. Ann Scherer in memory of Dr. Evan Brown
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The Mission of Women to the World provides the basis for rescuing women and children from poverty, dependency and abuse.
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Our purpose: "Building a Sustainable Future for the Widows and Orphans of the World."